View Full Version : LPRS/miniature radio modules

- 19th September 2005, 04:05
Is there anyone with experience using the LPRS "Easy Radio" modules and their demonstration kit? Has it worked well for you? I'm thinking about getting involved with their components or something similar. What I like about their setup is that the radio parameters are software/firmware selectable. There is an on board microcontroller setting up most of the control linking and this should eliminate the headaches of external tuned circuits and keep the board size down. The rfPIC 12F675 and RfRXD0920 series aren't using this approach and require quite a bit more added components. Radiometrix is another possibility. Thanks for any help.

Ron Marcus
- 20th September 2005, 01:03
I have been very happy with Radiotronix modules. They are not cheap, but they are as close to wires as you can get. I have used the EWD900 series with PICS, and they are a bit difficult to set up, but very versitile. The Wi.232DTSs need no programming, and I set up a wireless link that transfered 100 Kbytes of data at 115200 baud ,1200 feet flawlessly, with little pigtail antennas! I am guessing with a couple of Yagis, a range of 1 mile would be a breeze. They run about $25.- each for ten of them, but I believe they are worth every penny.

Hope this helps,