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- 1st March 2019, 16:17
There will be an Alternative Energy International Expo in Clearwater, Florida this March 23 and 24th. The venue is a 5000 square foot building with ample parking, vendors & speakers throughout the 2 days. There are nearby hotels, restaurants, and of course, ocean. Speakers include:

Walt Jenkins; considered to be the modern Stanley Meyer, running his dune buggy on >95% water. Like Stan, he has taken a unique approach to converting the inherent energy in water to kinetic energy at the wheels. Also like Stan, Walt uses no conventional electrolyzer. Instead, he combines other technologies to “energize” the water and extract its power. Teaming up ultrasonics, electro-magnetics, and high voltage ionizers, the system powers internal combustion engines with virtually no regulated exhaust emissions — just water and a touch of carbon dioxide (from the <5% gasoline).

Ed Grimm; Quality Inspector for NASA, took his space-race education and applied it to the HHO process. Development involved high level chemistry, metallurgy, and other laws of physics. Then, thinking outside the box, he explored practical uses for this unique gas. Whereas a typical HHO system requires about 70 amps to achieve a 20% fuel economy gain on a big rig, Ed’s system taps only 15 amps from the alternator.

Mike Holler; recognized by the US Federal Court System as a Fuel Economy Expert, will be delivering upwards of 3 seminars. Topics include teaching a layman’s approach to working through the electronic controller development process. Segmenting seemingly complex processes into smaller functions reduces the overwhelming to the mere doable. It won’t be an electronics or programming tutorial, but more about how to coalesce ideas into something an engineer can run with. Another subject is getting better fuel economy on your late model daily driver. Today cars are electronically controlled and tightly regulated, with performance gains getting harder to conquer. Finally, Mike will showcase an abbreviated history of fuel economy, including a 10 minute documentary.

Moray B. King*; considered one of the leading experts in Free Energy on the planet today. Moray has not yet been confirmed, but is over 90% probable. Author of several books on Free Energy, practically anything he shares is most worthwhile

Dave Parker; Head of the Free Energy Party, will be delivering useful information on how "Free Energy" is founded in real science.


There are still affordable vendor spaces available, as well as another speaker spot. To get tickets, or to simply learn more, go to: http://www.alternativeenergyinternational.com. Due to Florida’s licensing and tax laws, we chose not to include meals as part of the package.