View Full Version : Anybody used MPLAB's C30 C Compiler for dsPICs?

- 6th September 2005, 01:26
Hi There,

Are there any PBP users who've used MPLAB's C30 C Compiler for dsPICs?

If so, what has been your experience?


- 6th September 2005, 04:21
My suggestion => send it to your Recycle bin

- 6th September 2005, 04:23
I tried... and like another one compiler i tried, i send it to the trash can. Probably the worst C compiler i never ever work with.

I Still prefer Hi-Tech C and CCS(but still not available for DsPIC).

- 6th September 2005, 22:26
Hi Mr. E,

Can you be more specific?
What exactly did you find a problem with the C30 compiler?


- 6th September 2005, 23:28
Hehe sorry, had a bad day, kind of PMS from myself. :)

Well C30 is not a totally bad compiler, it's just limited in the command set. BUT i feel that microchip have a load of library and/code example to show how to do this with that.. and blah blah blah... i didn't push the research too deep. few days of use, not really much.

But as i was more familiar with CCS and Hi-Tech, i didn't find any Miracle and Noticeable feature or New Language Improvement to make this compiler better than another one except the price.

No meant to say that nothing is impossible to do with one or another, of course, my own opinion is simply that Hi-Tech one will be a bit more easier. CCS would be easiest but do not support any DSPIC as now... unfortunately...

easier=more productive=faster developpement=cash goes in faster=beer sooner :)

mmm maybe still obscure but, try their specific DEMO, that should put some lights on it.

As far as i know, Bruce use the MPLAB C18 + CCS + Hi-Tech as well. Maybe he can say few comments on.

Just in addition, be sure you really need a DSPIC before begining with. I did many tests and projects with them as now. YEAH they're really powerfull of course, this is why they're on the market but, be sure that some 18F series couldn't do the job prior to use DsPIC. That's a suggestion i heard and always keep in mind now. On those project i sale/design with DsPIC, only a few couldn't be done with a single 18Fs IMHO... well when i have some spare time i still try but as now... no luck.

Maybe one day PBP will include some DsPIC in the list... who knows. Good luck!