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- 18th May 2017, 02:14
Hi All!
So my program was too big for the first PIC I chose so in my stock pile I found a 18F14K22! When I place this PIC in the "Microcontroller" box the ICD buttons become grayed out! Went to the "ICD model creator" and selected it and still ICD is grayed out. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Ed

- 18th May 2017, 03:35
ICD is grayed out. What am I doing wrong?

assuming you have mcspx
the "NEW" icd model made with the creator needs to be place In the mecanique model directory



you cannot icd compile code that uses hserout successfully you will get syntax errs [hserout2 is ok]


even if you could it still won't fit on a 18f14k22 as a icd version [compiled for 18f26k22 ] size is 30k [using hserout2 in lieu]


if you get rid of all the chronically wasteful lookup2 lines and replaced then with better code the file can be reduced by at least 12%
and easily fit the target chip

- 18th May 2017, 15:05
Hi Richard,
You are right on so many levels. I have a radio controlled submarine with a number of sensors I would love to display in color. So far the only OSD chip that does color text is the STV5730. So I was sent the code which has much more than I need since it includes time, temperature and a keyboard interface. The plan right now is to get the original code to work before removing or changing the code. After updating to Windows 7 64 bit a lot of programs I am used to no longer function. I could use all the help I can get as it has been two years since I have done anything with PIC's and to be honest I have some code I wrote I do not understand anymore! Maybe it is "Old timers Disease" or multiple brain cramps?

Best, Ed

- 18th May 2017, 15:44
Ed, no pics, no help. :P


- 18th May 2017, 20:23
Not sure what picture I could send?
It turns out the the ICD model to use ICD is created in "My Documents" so the file has to be moved to the PBP3 ICD model folder!

- 18th May 2017, 20:28

I'm dying to see it in action.


- 19th May 2017, 01:54
Me too! My neighbors know I have working torpedoes and missiles and after a guy offered me a missile guidance system I had a visit from the FBI!!! They knew I had been to Russia several times and speak some Russian which did not help with my case! :D Luckily they could not make a "Trump" connection! ;)

- 19th May 2017, 02:20

- 20th May 2017, 02:17
Thank you and Yes!!! :D I could not agree more!!! :D

- 20th May 2017, 14:30
Hi Ed

file should be placed here for MCSPX ... as "ICD model creator" seems to belong to MCPSX ...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mecanique\MCSPX\Bin\ICD\Monitor

( win 10 Pro / 64 )


- 21st May 2017, 03:01
Thanks Alain!
Yes and what I did not expect was that when you use the "ICD Model Creator" the model you create is placed in "My Documents" and not where you think it would be in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mecanique\MCSPX\Bin\ICD\Monitor".

Best, Ed