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- 5th August 2005, 23:59
Hello - I'm new here and I'm also new to PIC's.

I'm thinking of using the 18F2550 for a little project and I want to know if I can program it via ICSP ?
I haven't got any device programming tools yet and I'm after something which doesn't cost much. ICSP seems the cheapest option. Are there other alternatives which you would recommend ? What would I need to buy to actually get some code into the PIC ?

Any help would be appreciated.


- 6th August 2005, 04:38
If you know someone who can program a bootloader program to some chips for you, you could program your chip with a serial connection.... As long as your chip is bootloader capable. Pretty cheap alternative.

- 6th August 2005, 14:08
Hello icicle,

Yes this chip can be programmed using ICSP. This forum has a search tool where you will find countless articles on programmers that are available including schematics on how to build your own. I must really echo the words of the "knowledgeable ones" on this forum (Melanie, Darrell, Dwanye, Mister E, Bruce, and NavMicro (Ralph)) that you should download and read the datasheets on the particular chip you are going to use and spend a few days reading previous posts on this forum to learn all you can before asking questions. It will save you alot of time in the long run. There are also alot of other PIC related sites on the Internet where you can gather great insight into this wonderful product. Rentron.com also has much to offer including tutorials and programming software and tools. Bruce has much to offer including great advise!

Rhino was right as far as a bootloader being the cheapest programming tool. You only need a hardware serial port on your pic and the bootloader software installed on your pic and a serail cable to your PC.

Have fun!


- 8th August 2005, 14:19
Thanks for your replies.

Yes, I did download and read the datasheet on the 18F2550 and it does say that its supports ICSP, BUT it doesn't say HOW to do it !!

The Microchip site isn't the easiest website to navigate at the best of times so if you can point me to somewhere that tells me HOW to use ICSP please do.

- 8th August 2005, 14:43
Typically, ICSP is done with a hardware programmer. If or when you get a programmer, it should have some documentation on how to use it for ICSP. If your looking for other options, I know there was a thread some time ago about using a PIC for the ICSP programmer... but I'm not sure that's what you need. Does your project require ICSP? If you're just starting out... you can't beat a good hardware programmer. Maybe some of the guru's have a better idea for you?

- 8th August 2005, 16:43
The Microchip site isn't the easiest website to navigate at the best of times so if you can point me to somewhere that tells me HOW to use ICSP please do.
A search for "ICSP" on the Microchip site would have taken you to the ICSP Programming Guide (http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/30277d.pdf)

- 9th August 2005, 00:24
Thanks NavMicroSystems.

I did search the MC site for ICSP and found and read that document - but excuse me for being dumb - it doesn't reference the 18F2550 anywhere. Are you implying that it should be programmed the same as another device ? If so, which one ?

I think I'm going to buy the ICD2 programmer/debugger - it looks like it supports the 18F2550.

- 9th August 2005, 16:07

see: 18F2xx0 Programming Specs (http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/39622e.pdf)

The ICD2 is an excellent choice!

- 9th August 2005, 22:41
NavMicroSystems : Many thanks - thats exactly what I was looking for.