View Full Version : Convert from a file to hex or asm

- 15th October 2015, 16:38
Hello evryone
Is ther any one that can help me to convert the attached file.

I have just put nokia3310 and pic 16f628 and db18b20 togehter
but I can not find any hex code for this all I have found is just demos.
I need a hex that is function as it should.
Please help me with the file.

Best Regards Bahadan

- 15th October 2015, 17:22
That is what PBP does, it turns that into, asm and then MPASM turns asm into hex. ME labs has a demo version which works with "certain" chips. They "Sell" versions at various prices that work with many more. Check out our home page http://www.picbasic.co.uk/forum/content.php as Crownhill is a European dealer.