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- 17th June 2005, 15:24
Hello, I have to develop a datalogger for a specific application.
The datalogger must be stand-alone in order to be embedded into a vehicle (in the passenger compartment). The purpose is to store data from several sensors (temperature, humidity, vibration….) that are connected to the datalogger.
After one year of measurements the recorded data must be sent to a personal computer for analysis.
In fact I don’t need something accurate with high frequency acquisition since the data are stored in the datalogger only if there is some high variations with the sensors. But the data logger must have sufficient memory, a low power feeding and several channels (around 7).
The dataloggers that I have found in some companies are quite expensive and I don’t want to design a printed board with a microcontroller, memory, A/D converters….
So I would like to know if it’s possible to buy a board (and where?) including the necessary electronics elements and the possibility to connect several sensors. The board would be programmable and not very expensive.
If anyone have any suggestions I will appreciate it. Thank you.

- 18th June 2005, 09:31
more details please..? how do u read the sensors.. frm the ecu... OBDII.. or straight from the sensors? wat are the parameters u want to record?

- 20th June 2005, 10:56
For the moment I think I could read the data directly from the sensors that are connected to the datalogger via cables. The sensors will be placed in front of the car near the motor. I want to detect the variations of temperature, humidity, vibration, how does the battery is used and other parameters (all with voltages variation). The outputs of the sensors are voltages so the datalogger must have voltage inputs.
But ,nimonia, if you think I could do also those measurements via OBD2 or the CAN system of the car then I will be grateful for any advices.

- 27th June 2005, 20:14
small world we live in:)