View Full Version : WIZnet110SR problems

- 17th December 2013, 20:29
Anyone mess with the WIZnet110SR serial to Ethernet boards? Using the WIZnet software, I can use my laptop to successfully send data through it(to a 2x16MEL char display) and ping it. But if I try to use the supplied WIZnet program to tell it to connect to (for example) (another Ethernet board on a LCD),,, it just reports (on the serial debug line) "Listen OK", and then "closed".

If I try to ping the WIZnet board on another computer (linux) on the network, it not there. The IP address of the WIZnet board is The WIZnet board only seems to exist using the WIZnet software. Can that be? Pinging my other LCD Ethernet adapter (at works fine from the Linux computer.

My end goal is to setup the WIZnet board to allow a PIC serial board to send specific commands through a network to a specific LCD TV . Can anyone shed a little light on this?

- 17th December 2013, 20:58
UPDATE. Reading the Sparkfun forum on the WIZnet, I found I have to give the WIZnet board and "real address" on my network, so I moved its address to Still no dialog, but now when I ping it with the Linux machine, it is there....

- 18th December 2013, 00:09
Not sure how much this helps you, but this link (http://www.electro-tech-online.com/blog-entries/wiznet%E2%80%99s-wiz110sr-%E2%80%93-lessons-learned-so-far.257/) has some info I used. I haven't played with it in a while; but when I did I had it talking on the network. I am still wanting to use this to do something neater than this, but it shows it is capable.

- 19th December 2013, 00:34
Got it all working... Thanks to the "languer" email, it pointed me to the right direction. It works quite well...

Here's are the "tricks":
1. Using the WIZnet software, press the "search" button. It should find the WIZnet board.
2. Again using the WIZnet software, in "local IP" put in an unused IP address in you network. (It will write it into the WIZnet flash)
3. Subnet has to be the same as your network. Same for Gateway.
4.Server IP... You should fill in the device you want to talk to. In my case it was
5. Set the two port spots to be the same value. In my case I set them to 9761 (Remember that port 80 is HTTP, port 20 is ftp data, and port 21 is ftp control, unless you're using those formats, stay away from them)
6. I used "mixed mode" where the WIZnet board tries in several ways, to establish communications.
7. Press "settings" to SAVE you data...
8. Test, things should be working...
9. If they are working go back and disable "serial debug", because it will mess up your communications. (Debug came in handy to figure out all this.)
10. Press "settings" to save again...