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- 11th September 2013, 16:39
Hii am trying to write a pic basic prg to make a 2 digit 7 segment led display count down timer that starts at 10 stays at 10 for 3 sec then continues to count down in one minute intervals to 09 08 etc to 00 then goes back to 10 again and keep repeating until unit is powered off. I don't know how to start programing the leds . I have downloaded some 2 digit countdown timers but they are all either in C or asm or hex can anyone give me a few pointers of where to start I would like to use the pic 16f683 and common cathode seven displays , are there routines for 7 seg. led displays ??? I am very new at this. thanks Ray

- 11th September 2013, 22:40

The most basic mode would be to drive each segment directly with a PIC pin.
Two seven segment LED displays would amount to 14 PIC pins if you have to them to spare.
If the LED's are small the current draw may be within the PIC's supply capabilities ie read the data sheet.
Also you will need a series resistor to drop the voltage for each segment.
Sinking or sourcing to drive them would depend on if the displays are common cathode or anode.

Their also are code tips which make configuration of the specific numbers to display a bit easier.


- 12th September 2013, 12:42

just have a look to :

C:\PBP3\EXAMPLES\General PBP folder of your computer ...

as simple as it : this is the example programs of your favourite compiler ...


BTW ... to help you a bit more ( if humainly possible ...) it's the FIRST example !

- 12th September 2013, 17:22
thanks guys I noticed I made a big bo bo I wrote that I was using a pic16f683 it should have read pic16f628 also I looked at everything but the examples. I went through the entire manual but never thought of looking at the examples thanks again at least I got a place to start