View Full Version : Advise on network/socket programming on my PC

- 23rd June 2013, 01:25
Hi, I would like to learn about one programming software in which I can make simple GUI's and do some socket type programming, like make it a server or client and send receive messages from com port/tcp/udp ports etc. Can anyone help me guide towards such a program and any recommend book if possible. Please keep in mind that I am a very beginner in this kind of programming

Thanks in advance.

- 24th June 2013, 14:30
free microsoft visual studio has all that, but it has taken some effort to learn. I find the video lessons on youtube the easiest to learn with.

- 25th June 2013, 00:20
free microsoft visual studio

Thanks for the info. Just would like to ask, GUI's made in this MVS2012, do they have any OS restriction. For example do they work on all common operating systems like Windows 8,7,Vista XP etc.

- 26th June 2013, 19:16
I believe that most of the programming done in VS uses the 'objects' that are in the .NET framework. Later versions of .NET have more features added, so, the windows computer that runs your programs needs to have a .NET version that includes the 'objects' you used to create your program. I believe win7 and 8 comes with the latest .NET and you can always install the latest .NET framework from microsoft

- 17th August 2013, 13:11
Linux my be a better choice...
It may be more learning and not quite as easy, but it'll be far more stable and your also able to communicate with MySQL too...