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- 11th April 2013, 15:17
I'm looking for someone to design and program a touchscreen interface for a product I wish to bring to market soon. I don't have the time to learn to design it myself. I would strongly prefer the design to use pic basic pro so I can easily modify and port to different chips when needed. I will give more details to anyone who is really interested in quoting, but the basics of the program would be to use some buttons to change the value of several number fields and when the update button is pressed to send that data out a serial port to multiple devices and wait for the stream to come back from each device to verify they received it. There is obviously a little more to it, but if you can do that much, you should easily be able to do any of the other requirements.

I'm thinking a 4.3" color touchscreen, but really I have not chosen any hardware. The developer should be able to recommend price competitive hardware and provide rough schematics/parts lists if necessary. I can lay out any needed PCBs, but if you want to take that portion on, I would consider it. It seems a lot of products on the market have the ability to load pictures from SD cards, which seems to make sense for customizing the interface.

I am looking for someone who has some experience with developing with pics and color touchscreens before. If you could point to any previous work you have done prior, even a prototype that would go a long way. If you are interested in this please contact me. I want something that has a professional look to it, and I know my limitations when it comes to graphics. I'm new at subbing out work, so if anyone here has recommendations on any sites that would be better suited for this type of work, please let me know. I just like this forum and thought I would post here first.


- 13th April 2013, 03:17
Here is a ready-to-go, fully programmable, 4.3 inch, touch equipped, TFT LCD.


- 28th April 2013, 06:21
Hey rmteo,
Do you know where these guys are located? Couldn't find any "About Us" info on their web site.
I would also like to do some experimenting with a touch display and these guys look like everything is offered to do just that. But where does the PB Pro come in?



- 28th April 2013, 13:22
It is located in Australia.

The lcds are programmed using a C like environment ide. Then by a serial bus you can control it using you MCU.


- 28th April 2013, 15:58
Cool, thanks Ioannis

- 29th April 2013, 00:48

I wrote some code for a 4-wire resistive touchscreen a while ago. You can check the code and wiring here