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- 20th July 2012, 08:22
Through Hole Electroplating Process
Through hole process of double sides circuit board is showed in diagram. Take the through hole electroplating machine DU3040 in GLICHN for example. The GLICHN DU3040 uses new environmental protection and black hole plating process which is direct, safe, reliable and efficient.

Through Hole process
1 Degrease
Please heat hole agent liquid (deionized water: hole agent = 20:1) to 60 C, put printed circuit boards (after drilling holes) into the liquid, and slowly shaking up and down for 3 -5 minutes. It is cleaning
circuit boards, processing metal debris and impurities, and making electrode of aperture surface is negative pole that to absorb graphite and carbon black.
2 Clean
Clean with water to remove any residual fluid on hole and surface;
3 Dry
Dry printed circuit boards with a dryer;
4 Black hole treatment
Put dried PCB (printed circuit board) into black hole liquid, shaking up and down for 3-5 minutes; it is physical process that thin carbon black ink will cover the surface of PCB.
5 Dry
After dipping the circuit board into black hole liquid, put it into dry box for 5 minutes to dry (temperature is 95℃-100℃)
6 Micro etch
Put printed circuit board into etching liquid after drying that can help remove black-hole liquid of the surface;
7 Cleaning
Shake the circuit board in clean water to ensure that micro-etching solution residue is washed off.
8. Electroplating
Put clean printed circuit boards in to CuSO4 liquid; And then confirm all wires good connected to electroplate; Fix boards and put it into negative pole copper which is in the middle of the container; please make sure the board is in the liquid completely, turn on power supply, set it to constant current which is not too big (big current will burn boards); please set current according to PCB size, see below table:
PCB size Setting current
1010cm 10A
1515cm 10A
2020cm 10A
Plating time is about 10--- 20 minutes

9 Clean
After electroplating, please clean with water and dry to avoid oxidized; or put PCBs into tinning machine directly to next process.

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