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- 14th July 2012, 23:02
Need repairing Bga Station? Need Scotle BGA?

Check out from the only USA Distributor for the Scotle machine.

www.usreworkstations.com (http://www.usreworkstations.com/)

I am the only licensed USA reseller for Achi, honton and Scotle and have exclusive USA rights.

USA physical stock prices for each are as follows:

achi ir-pro-sc(machine only)

achi ir-6000(machine only)

Honton ht-r390
Scotle hr360

Other machines and items available, way too many to list them all. if we havent got it listed and you want it then ask and ill do what i can to get it at a decent price for you.

We sell most all items required for rework/reballing. orders generally take 48 working hours to process with the factory and shipping is 3-5 working days.

- 2nd December 2012, 22:48
I'm also a licensed USA reseller for Achi, honton, Jovy, W-kidi, Bauer BGA (UK quality standards) and others.

We provide the best after sell support through our various support groups and forum, to name a few, and also a head start for your busyness through means of on line advertizing of your repair services and web design head start.
Once you engage our support community you'll be all covered from technical assistance to parts purchasing advise and anything else you may need in order to successfully make a living doing repairs. We're a community of people just like you :smile:


- 12th March 2013, 07:38
FREE Hardware Support available for any of BGA ReworkStations purchase by us*

English speaking available at this time.

What are you waiting for? Buy with confidence !

*USA client only at this time. BGA Profiles or training, replacement parts are optional.