View Full Version : upg D1730 automatic lead acid battery charger circuit board 12v 500ma

- 7th June 2012, 19:50
Does anyone know where I might get help on this circuit board or buy new one?

Thanks for any info

- 8th June 2012, 14:30
They are on Amazon for $10.60

- 8th June 2012, 18:50


- 9th June 2012, 17:28
Hi Koenton,
To charge any battery the charger voltage must be higher than the batteries voltage. In an automobile, for example, the alternator puts out 13.8 to 14.2 volts to the cars battery. Yes you can limit the current and the important part is that the voltage stays higher. Please also keep in mind that when a lead-acid battery is charging it puts out hydrogen gas the same used in the Hindenburg so please make sure you are in a well ventalated area! Best, Ed