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- 13th May 2012, 04:48
SMT reflow oven, IR heat, bench top reflow solder, lead free, Beijing Glichn S&T Development Co.,Ltd is one of supplier; there are different models like SR300C, SR352C, SR106,SR108,SR108C, SR108N; SR300C, SR352C,SR108C and SR108N are controlled by the computer, english software is standard configuration; SR108N is with N2 connector; SR106 and SR108 are controlled by the meter; All of them can solder BGA, PLCC, SOP and others. IR and hot air heat and solder, They are the best choice in university, research and small middle factories. The best feedback from customers.
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- 13th May 2012, 04:54
SMD component counters, parts counter, some models can be selected; one is common, the other is with detection error function which means it can measure missing components function; another is with printing and scanning function. Items are SMD component counter C200, C300L and SU2000; Motorized component counters are used in many factories and research; it can improve production efficiency. If you are interested, please see Beijing Glichn S&T Development Co.,Ltd website, on that more specification can be seen. www.smtchn.com (http://www.smtchn.com/) on that detail products will be show.