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- 12th March 2012, 22:21
PLEASE, PLEASE make it possible to edit your own posts for longer than 10 minutes. That is just not enough time to make a readable post when dealing with the editor that keeps deleting "%" and the following two characters when trying to depict a binary word.

for example...
"%11110000" ends up being "110000" in your final post. Why is that???

What is it that you are worried the forum users will do if you give us editing rights for longer than 10 SHORT minutes??

10 Minutes just does not give one long enough time to make a post readable and correct the problems with the code windows, etc.

Please at least bump it out to 30 minutes.


- 12th March 2012, 22:35
I will ask Lester as he is the only one that can make the change.

- 13th March 2012, 01:48
... the editor that keeps deleting "%" and the following two characters when trying to depict a binary word.

for example...
"%11110000" ends up being "110000" in your final post. Why is that???...

Dwight, click on the first icon above the editor window; it's two As. You want it in SOURCE mode, not WYSIWYG.

%11110000 <--- should print as "%11110000" without quotes


- 13th March 2012, 01:51
Then click on SETTINGS at top right, then General Settings, then scroll at bottom to Message Editor Interface.

Select Standard Editor - Extra formatting controls; that way your editor comes up in SOURCE mode by default.


- 13th March 2012, 07:58
A longer editing time will not fix this issue.

YES the editing time can be increased, but the issue will be the same. The issue is related to a big in the editor.

Nothing i can do to fix that at this time.

The editor used is CKEditor

Any user can report the issue and follow up in the CKEDirot community. some help like that from users of this free resource would be great.

I'm happy to set up a mirror system for testing, if its required.

This is an ongoing issue that is annoying.

The ONLY answer to the issue at present is GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME, do not edit your posts , then the issue does not show.

I could turn off the editor all together.

that would probably not, be an acceptable solution

or i could allow HTML, but then the stupid users will break the forum with bad code and embedded css - probably an even worse solution.

- 13th March 2012, 08:06
I have increased the Time limit allowed for editing of new posts.
After 20 minutes, only moderators will be able edit or delete a message.

Please consider composing long posts off line, then paste into the editor, so that you have no need to re edit.

If formatting is an issue, maybe get to grips with the editor first.

- 13th March 2012, 10:58
Thank you Lester.

- 14th March 2012, 03:13
Thanks to all of you... The extra 10 minutes will help, though I understand that posting code is a one shot deal.

It would really be nice if we had a code window that would highlight code pastings similar to an IDE. Then code examples would really be helpful and readable.

guess I'll just crawl back under my rock and be content.

- 16th March 2012, 11:31
I, too, find the forum rules frustrating. Two other fora I frequent (Basic4Android (http://www.basic4ppc.com/forum/), PICAXE (http://www.picaxeforum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?2-Active-PICAXE-Forum)) use vBulletin and neither seem to have whatever problems Lester thinks he is fixing.