View Full Version : NOKIA and hyperterminal/PIC makes me crazy! let's make it clear.

- 21st January 2012, 15:50
Im trying to connect to nokia phones, 3210 and 6150. The phone won't accept AT commands at all!
After reading a lot, i figured out that phone gets into AT-command mode only after making some command sent on m-bus.
So i found some code for 16f84a that send's something to m-bus every few mseconds and so phone accepts AT commands on f-bus.
What pic sends to the phone? I just want to made it by myself and use only one PIC instead of two for now.
am i right? thanks!

- 21st January 2012, 23:27
Did you try entering NOKIA 3210 and NOKIA 6150 in the LIVE SEARCH box at top right?

There are some links here that might interest you (using NOKIA 3210 in live search):


- 24th January 2012, 22:00
oh. taking much time.. can it be that nokia 6150 doesn't support DLR3 mode?
im connecting XMIC with 15K to GND and phone switches to Headset mode, that's all. i can't progress further. with about 100K it shows CAR mode :(

- 26th January 2012, 20:40
pplz!!! please!! im going to kill myself :) i took 6210 phone as is has to be! connected everything as on the schematic, but phone says HEADSET mode!!! checked it hundres times! it's wont go into dlr3 mode :(

the stupidity is like i remeber many years ago (10 or so) i DID this circuit and this worked fine!!! what can be the problem now???!!!
i have switched 15K resistor with variable one, to check every mode the phone supports, 200K i took. and phone just selects between CAR and HEADSET. what the resistor i have to use to make it it DLR3 mode?
just one step before i gonna to develop mine system when im connecting straight to buttons and manipulate the phone with it. but so it's impossible to receive SMSes.
what it can be??? please1111