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- 2nd October 2011, 16:52
Ah, yes of course, thanks for spotting that. It should be OK in the example project attached to previous message.
I wish I could go back and fix it in the post but I can't :-(

Why is it that this forum limits EDITING POSTS to only a very short time?? Once I found that I had made a mistake in a post and went to edit it and was allowed into the edit window, but apparently while I was typing my corrections, the edit timer expired and my efforts were lost.

Further more, on long threads, Like the excellent one started by Henirk Olsson...
Thread: Using the Arduino Ethernet shield with AMICUS18 (http://www.picbasic.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=14876)

He is unable to go back and fix errors and make statements more understandable, etc.etc.

This makes it VERY frustrating for someone who is trying to contribute REAL QUALITY content to ths forum. To the extent that (I BELIEVE) it may even discourage someone from making the effort.

A suggestion... Why not allow unlimited post editing... but require the post editor to include a sort of change log at the bottom of the edited post.

I'm not sure what is to be gained by limiting editing?? It seems to me that allowing editing would make the various threads more complete and readable when someone later is reading a thread and must carefully read down through each and every post to make sure they catch any corrections.

What would be the risk?? Does the benefit out weigh the risks?

Ok, Now I realize that the code for this forum is like any other code that one might write for their own PIC project. ie. someone must edit and debug the changes. If that is the case for this requested change then I realize that it might require a lot of time and effort. BUT if the requested change is already available and only requires a couple of check boxes or configuration changes then please consider my, and others to follow, comments.

Others please chime in here...

- 2nd October 2011, 17:01
Motion seconded. Last time I asked, I got this fabulous answer:"Think more, post less"

- 2nd October 2011, 17:22
I for one do not like long edit times. If I am following along on a thread and say post #10 is edited and the thread is up to post #25 then the reader needs to reread the entire thread to know the status.

On the other hand I can see your points.

Solution for the Ardruino Ethernet Shield would be an article. We can make Henrik a contributor then he can create and edit his articles.

Edit. Henrik is a contributor.

- 2nd October 2011, 17:29
In case of specific attachements, source code, It could be a cool thing if user state/mention their editing each time though. Something like

But for sure, the Wiki has it's own set of advantages, while digging it is not as simple/easy as the forum code example.

- 2nd October 2011, 20:24
Editing of posts after the 20 min limit causes confusion, especially when the post is the subject of discussion. This limitation will not be chnaged.

If a post contains an eror or omission that requires a simple correction, that does not affect the comprehension of the subsequent dicussion, a moderator may edit the post on behalf of the original author.

For on going projects that require updates, the author should post in the wiki creating an article that they will be able to update as required. Discussion may continue within the forum.

Users that wish to create an article, may do so, moderators will publish the articles after checking to ensute that the content is valid. Once published the author may edit the article, at will.

Authors that create several wiki entries or propose to create several wiki entries may be granted contributor status allowing them to create editable articles at will, without moderation before publication.

- 2nd October 2011, 22:50
I agree that the wiki is the best place for ongoing projects... would it be possible for a wiki article to also appear as the first post in a project thread?

That way readers and contributors could discuss ideas and make suggestions and post code examples / snippets and the main wiki article could be viewed and updated in the forum section.

Once a project is converted to a wiki article it seems that it starts to become stale and no longer updated and discussed.

Please understand, I am not complaining... just trying to make suggestions and have discussion about how to best trade ideas and learn from those who are infinitely more capable at writing and working with PIC's and PICbasic.

If the wiki articles could remain active in the forum section then they might continue to be polished and more could benefit from them.

Possibly the First post in a thread could be a link to the wiki article and then discussion could proceed in the forum. That way the contributor(s) efforts do not need to be duplicated by trying to maintain postings in the thread and in the wiki. They could update the wiki and reference the update in the discussion thread.

In the case of the example I gave about Thread: Using the Arduino Ethernet shield with AMICUS18 (http://www.picbasic.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=14876) If the code updates are posted in the thread and not the wiki... the wiki gets behind. But if the wiki article were the first post in the thread then discussion and exchange of ideas could proceede and the wiki would be edited and corrected and added to and those reading the thread could refer back to the firs thread as it grows and becomes complete.

I believe that the Forum Discussion area is a MUCH more common place where users come to get updates and learn. I check the forum sometimes several times a day... I seldom go to the wiki section , and rarely check there for updates. But if relevant wiki articles could be the headliner in the ensuing discussion then both areas would benefit. The wiki section would be linked to the alive and vibrant forum discussion area and the forum area would benefit from an updated and easily accessible wiki article linked to its discussion thread.

not trying to step on toes here. :o

- 3rd October 2011, 08:27
If the author creates a wki entry and posts in the forum that the article is available for viewing. The discussion can take place on the forum, if a code update is released it should be in the WKI entry and once again a message posted in the forum.

The forum is primarily for discussion.

We have thousands of very good detailed code examples in the forum, you cannot see them, you have no idea they are there or which thread they are in. the search tool is OK, but its not used often.

If articles are posted in the wiki, they can be cataloged in the appropriate section, or new sections can be created. they are then easily locatable.

Its really up to forum users to make best use of the facilities provided. It may look as if the forum is a good place to post these articles, but that only works while the article is popular. In two years time, if that thread is no longer active, the article will be as good as lost, to a new user.