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- 23rd July 2010, 10:25
Sorry for posting this in the Forum request area but it's the closest thing I can find.

I have a problem with the new post notification feature of the forum. In my profile settings I have it set to Instant notification using E-mail but it's not instant. I get the notifications in chunks from time to time.

Like yesterday, all of a sudden my inbox filled up with 30+ notification e-mails of posts made weeks ago. Is there a general problem with this feature or is something wrong with my profile?


- 23rd July 2010, 10:29
There was a problem for the last few weeks with the forum's email server.
It appears to be fixed now. Thanks to Lester.

Let us know if it continues to act "strange".

- 23rd July 2010, 10:33
I got a notification of your post right away so indeed it seems to be fixed. If it acts up again I'll let you know. Thanks!


- 23rd July 2010, 13:07
Any fix is temporary, do not rely on the email notification service.

Apart from the server loading issues, i'm also facing issues related to some service providers blocking emails and tagging our email server as a source of unsolicited email (spam), because we are sending multiple emails with the same content to multiple recipients.

- 23rd July 2010, 14:18
Thanks Lester,
I'm not really relying on it, I check in here often enough anyway. I just thought I'd mention it since it all of a sudden sprung to life and sent me 30+ messages.