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- 23rd February 2005, 18:06
Okay I am using the latest free download of code designer lite and PBP 2.45, for the longest time things were working great. However lately after I reformated my computer and reinstalled all my apps, I am finding that for some reason code designer lite will just launch PBP and not compile anything useful. let me expain my problem in further detail.

for about 1 week everything works great, everything compiles. all of a sudden nothing will compile,but if i just put a simple 1 line of code it will compile. Everything that was compiling fine before will not compile. I can see Code designer lite launching the PBP but there is no hex output, I do get an ASM file though.

Maybe I messed up the terminology, I think i mean assemble rather than compile. All i get is an asm file and no hex file.

This problem will go away if I reformat my computer and reinstall everything form scratch, but the problem will come back after about a week. Reinstalling PBP or CDL by itself does not solve the problem.

- 23rd February 2005, 19:43
dump Code Designer. I had so much problems and frustration with it losing settings and have had to do the same things you mentioned.
I tried Microcode studio and have never looked back since.

- 23rd February 2005, 20:08
Microcode does not seem to support the range of pics that CDL does