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- 14th January 2005, 16:04
Anyone using or know of a battery that might be small enough to fit into an area, let's say 1x1x.5 inches (I don't have the exact measurement, but suffice to say small area)?

Would need to be 4.5v minimum, 5.5 ideal and pack as much juice as possible. Doesn't need to be rechargeable, but cost would be somewhat of an issue.

I am trying to determine if I can squeeze all the compents I would need for my next big project into next to nothing for space.

Any ideas of leads would be appreciated.



- 14th January 2005, 22:03

If it is only size and cost (and not capacity) that matters there are hundreds of options:

ie. two standard Lithium Coin Cells in series.

Or one of the many "high voltage" batteries used in remote controls, cameras, etc.

i.e. GP11A or GP476A

for more information: Click here (http://www.gpbatteries.com.hk/html/techinfo/photo_alkaline.asp)



- 14th January 2005, 22:19
While size is the primary factor there still has to be sufficient juice so the coin cells are not an option. I've been sort of looking at around 600 MA just as a starting point although perhaps it doesn't need to be even that much. I have to run 14 LEDs (most small 2mm sizes), drive a speaker through a chipcorder plus the control PIC. Ideally the battery should last 30 minutes (not all sounds and LEDs are on all the time). Fifteen minutes would be the shortest time I would want to go with.

I have been looking to the point of dizzy with all the batteries out there. Always finding case of MA being good, but size being too big or size being good and MA being too low.

I'll check out your link.