View Full Version : PIC basic pro + WISP628

- 19th October 2003, 16:39

Im having some problems... I have a Wisp628 super nice programmer. im using PicBasic Pro 2.43 as compiler and coding in Micro code studio...

My problem is the PIC16F628A chip, when i compile a .HEX file a download it to the micro, nothing happens... no blinking light on portb.0....

What might be wrong. the TRISC is all set as output, and i have also tried with CMCON = 7 (which only have an effect on the 877A).
is there anything special code snippet the compiler needs to do the job???

I have no programming the 877A micro's only the 628A... and the 628A works when compiling from JAL. ??

anything would be a help....