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- 27th November 2008, 10:24
Hello Everyone,
I am making a device which can switch all home appliences, by sending an SMS through any GSM mobile to another GSM mobile interfaced to a microcontroller. This microcontroller decodes the sms received and accordingy switches the appliences.
I am using the NOKIA 3310 and interfacing it with M-BUS to the PC COM port. But how can i see the coded frame which is generated when an sms is being received by this mobile.
Can anyone help me?

- 27th November 2008, 14:00
Nokia 3310 works only in PDU mode. This is a rather difficult to encode/decode.
I suggest you to find out a phone that uses also text mode.
Siemens TC35J is the best gsm modem you can find for your application. Search on ebay for second hand. If you have a phone with text mode function I will be more than happy to help you.


- 28th November 2008, 15:14
Thank You for replying me Sir,
Sir I am an engg. student and this is my project work which i have to submit very soon. I do not have very much idea about PDU mode or Text mode. Please sir tell me what is the difficulty in interfacing the nokia 3310 to pc. Is it impossible to interface this phone to pc?

- 28th November 2008, 18:14
Interfacing a phone that use PDU format to a PC is possible and is already been done.
I think you should use the Fbus and not the Mbus.

Visit the links given below they should help you to find the best way to go.

wishing you good luck